Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pink Roses

The roses are blooming in my backyard as summer is near. So I decided to paint the simple beauty with complex structure.

Before I tried several times to paint the rose petals one by one, and none of them were successful. So this time I decided to use the bold brush strokes to simplify the petal folds, as well as to capture the light on the roses more dramatically.
So far, I am satified with the results.


  1. Wow ! Beautiful brush strokes :)

  2. They are very lively and you have captured the essence of these roses - its grace, elegance and even its fragrances are coming through, seems like anyway :)
    My mother loved roses when she was alive, and she has rose burshes in her backyard as well.

  3. Thanks Anonymous for the nice comments.
    I love roses too. I have many rose bushes in my backyard and I am never tired of smelling, looking, and bragging about them. I will paint more roses in the coming weeks.