Friday, October 23, 2009

Pennsylvania's autumn

It's been a busy trip, Hsi showed me to a few nice places around her Yardley neighborhood (Lognwood Garden, Grounds for Sculputre, New Hope). Autumn colors were everywhere here: yellow, orange, red, purple in the middle of faded green composed a very beautiful scenaries everywhere. Though there was no time for me to sketch and paint, I was busy taking picures with the new Nikon camera.

Finally I took a break from the grocery shopping on Wednesday afternoon and did a quick pastel painting of Hsi's side yard in the sunset. I was pleased with the results. On Thursday early afternoon, I did another quick painting of the barn house next to Hsi's house. It's not bad either. It's quite a relief because I did the paintings.

The relatives have arrived one by one for the family reunion. Thursday morning was Anchi, then the Sun's, and finally it's Ying-Kuen. Friday was Lisa and Frances. Got to shift the focus to the family reunion for a while before I start painting again.

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