Sunday, October 25, 2009


We arrived Pocono vacation house in the middle of the heavy rain in Friday afternoon. Everybody was so happy, loud and excited. We laughed, drank, and ate. It's such a precious time, we had so much fun exploring the vacation house.... Sues (Chien, Jade), Hangs (David, Anchi, Frances, Lisa), Lius (Alex, Mandy, Vincent, Gina), Guo Yi, Pings (Weili, Li-Jen and his wife), and us (Zonson, Lizzy, Hsi, Wei-Ping, Terry, Ying-Kuen, Mom, and me).

Saturday was another stormy and cold day. After the busy morning I went to the small house to paint the lake side in the afternoon. Right after I sketched the scene, it started pouring so all the colors and objects disappeared from the scene. I could not but use my memory and imagination to finish the painting. It was quite an experience and I was thinking that Brigitte's workshop in December may help me deal with this situation.

The sun finally came out in Sunday morning, so everybody went to do their favorite things (state park, outlet store shopping, cooking). For me, I went to paint 2 small paintings by the lake. It's so nice, peaceful and beautiful, perfect scenery for field study. I was frozen to death after 2 paintings, but the paintings turned out to be good, at least they captured the autumn-mood.

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